Jacuzzi J400 Series

The Jacuzzi J400 series offers you the ultimate wellness experience in a spacious spa with uncompromising performance. The music, LED lighting and outstanding PowerPro hydromassage combine effortlessly to give you the best unique experience.

With six models within in the range Jacuzzi have made perfection when it comes to the ultimate in all the main areas: Massage, Luxury, Space and Design. The J400 series screams style and with all the amazing features combined makes the best hot tub.

The Jacuzzi J400 Series features an Protouch touch screen control panel, Status indicator light, Speciality PowerPro® RX & PX jets, Quick drain system, 5 stage filteration, Premium Prolite® LED Lighting, Adjustable backlit pillows, Raised waterfall feature, Smartseal insulation and Bluewave® bluetooth sound system.