SwimLife Swim Spas from All Weather Leisure

For a lot of people, the idea of a perfect home will very often include a swimming pool. But of course, the reality is that many homes aren’t large enough to accommodate swimming pools. The average swimming pool measures around 5 metres by 10 meters, taking up a considerable amount of space in even a large garden. The good news is that our SwimLife swim spas offer many of the same benefits but at a much smaller size.
Even larger models are usually no more than 3m by 6m. SwimLife swim spas can be used as an endless lap swimming pool, or to walk, jog, run, cycle, stretch or strength train in, whilst suspended in the weightlessness of water. Featuring high volume swimming jets and adjustable speed pumps, swim spas are fantastic for exercise, relaxation and rehabilitation. Swim spas can even be a fantastic, safe way to teach your children how to swim.