Jacuzzi Lodge L Hot Tub


Specification 2019
Manufactured in Italy
Seats: 5-6 people
Dimensions: 223 x 211 x 90cm
Water capacity: 1420 L
Sanitization: ClearRay
Jets: 24 Classic Jacuzzi Jets
Lighting: LED Polychrome lighting
Jet pumps: 1
Filtration: 50sq ft
Quick drain as standard
Heater: 2kw stainless steal
Base: ABS base / Steel frame
Insulation: Standard foam with Winter Pack
Power supply: 13amp or 20amp
Cabinet: ProEndure synthetic

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Jacuzzi Lodge L Hot Tub

The Jacuzzi Lodge L hot tub seats comfortably 5 people, perfect for all your guests to sit and relax with the benefit of a additional lounge seat. The Lodge L hot tub is suitable for larger holiday homes that cater for more guests, so all can enjoy the best hot tub experience. There is nothing better to add to your property than a Jacuzzi Hot Tub.

As you can see for yourself its the best hot tub on the market for your holiday home / Lodge. So why not make it easier for your customers to use with the added extra of a cover lifter.

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Platinum / Silverwood


6+ Seats