Swimlife SwimStream 14ft SwimExpert


Specification 2018
Shell Dimensions: 174″ x 93″ x 52.75″
441.96 x 236.22 x 133.99cm
Hydrotherapy Seats: 3
Lighting: Vegas LED’s
Shell Design: Aqua Channel
Swim Pumps: 2x 5hp Swim Boost & 1x 3hp Boyancy
Heating: 2x 3kw Heaters
Swim Jets: AquaCurrent
Variable Swim Jets: Yes
Hydrotherapy Jets: 20
WaveRider: Yes
Filtration: 100sqft & Dual surface skimmer
Sanitization: ClearBlue Mineral
Water capacity: 7220L
Weight Full: 8369kg
Weight Empty: 1149kg
Insulation: Thermalmax Heat Retention System
Cover: 4 Section hard cover
Warranty: 10 Years Shell, 5 Years Interior Surface, 3 Years Equipment and Plumbing

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Swimlife SwimStream 14ft SwimExpert

Swimlife SwimStream 14ft SwimExpert is perfect If your more serious about your swimming but still need the fun and relaxation for both you and your family then the SwimStream SwimExpert is the one for you! The variable swim current is produced using two 5hp Swim Boost pumps, one 3hp buoyancy pump and the patented AquaCurrect swim jets. The AquaBlades within these jets shred the vortex created by the pump creating the widest, deepest and smoothest swim on the market. The WaveRider control allows for the swim to be tailored to suit the novice swimmer through to an experienced triathlete.
The Vegas LED lighting light the way as you swim and creates a relaxing environment while relaxing in one of the three hydrotherapy seats. These seats provide a fantastic massage using twenty E-Class jets leaving you totally refreshed and relaxed. Watercare could not be any simpler. Two surface skimmers draw the water in collecting any large debris in the skimmer baskets and the water then passes through two 50sqft filters keeping the water debris free. Before the water is returned to the main pool it passes through the ClearBlue Mineral sanitizer reducing the amount of chemicals used and saving you time on maintenance.
Energy efficiency is taken very seriously. The Thermalmax Heat Retention System will keep your swimspa as efficient as possible keeping the running costs to a minimum. It does this with the use of 2lb foam on the back of the shell, the Northern Heat Sink Blanket thermal insulation wrap and a quality insulating hard cover. Extra options include the Covana automatic cover, cover lifter and 4 tier step.

A handy product to assist entering and getting out of you swim spa is the Hand Rail. This allows you to hold onto the bar and remaining stable.

Additional Information
Cabinet Colour

Driftwood, Midnight

Shell Colour

Alpine Mist, Pure White, Quartz Mist, Silver Marble